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We have a core team of experts dedicated to providing investors and collectors with the tools they need to invest wisely or expand their collections.

Being at the forefront of the collectables industry enables us to source the rarest antiques and artwork from the next generation of emerging artists, attracting both first time buyers and established collectors to make huge profits. 

Our team are dedicated to providing our clients with the knowledge, expertise and advice they require. In order for us to achieve this goal, each client is provided with their own dedicated dealer that will assist you throughout the length of time you choose to have us as your consultant.

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Why Art?

Capital Growth Potential
When isolated, the contemporary art segment of the Mei Moses Art Index reveals that contemporary art has delivered a compounded average annual return of 10.85% per annum between 1966 and 2016.

Investing in a piece of Art means your investment is Fully Asset Backed when you invest in a piece of Art you become the owner of a tangible asset which, unlike some other investments such as stocks and shares, will always have a residual value.


Benefits of investing


Satisfaction of Ownership
Investing in a piece of art is a capital growth orientated investment. The satisfaction of owning your piece of art and living with it hanging in your home, in your office or even at our one of our galleries gives you the flexibility to access your capital straight away.



The global art market is by and large completely uncorrelated to the world’s major stock markets. It can therefore be used by investors as an excellent portfolio diversification tool in times of economic uncertainty. Post-Brexit, the UK is facing a period of economic uncertainty. With negotiations for the UK to leave the European Union deadlocked in 2017, UK investors could be in for a rough ride in the next few years.



Investing in Art can be an excellent hedge against inflation, as shown in the graph on page four. At the time of writing (October 2017) inflation has just hit a 5 year high of 3%.



Supply and demand
Perhaps more important than any other economic factor is the basic principle of supply and demand. The supply of artwork is limited due to time constraints each individual artist has, whether that be their lifespan or lifestyle. The ever growing demand from collectors to investors to secure these rare pieces of art is what is making the prices sore and investors money.


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